Retro Prime Photoshop Actions
Posted on 2/13/17 in Add-Ons, Actions
This set features 10 actions and 5 textures to help give your photos a weathered, retro look.
Cool Breeze Photoshop Actions Set
Posted on 1/31/17 in Add-Ons, Actions
This Photoshop actions set includes 4 different actions that will adjust the tone and saturation of your images for a cooled down look. These files are great for travel, street,...
Cloud Effect Photoshop Action
Posted on 1/17/17 in Add-Ons, Actions
This Photoshop actions creates a colorful, cloud burst special effect in just a few clicks, allowing you to show motion and action with ease.
15 Color Grading Photoshop Actions
Posted on 12/29/16 in Add-Ons, Actions
These 15 Photoshop actions will adjust your photos with stylish split tones, curves, and more with a single click.
Haunted Photoshop Action
Posted on 12/23/16 in Add-Ons, Actions
This Photoshop action will give your portraits a disturbing, haunted look in just a few clicks.
FilterGrade Mini Collection Free Photoshop Actions
Posted on 6/19/14 in Add-Ons, Actions
A free collection of Photoshop actions from FilterGrade sharing 10 retro effects, 5 light leaks, and a cool vintage brush set.
Free Photoshop Action: Washed Matte
Posted on 5/09/14 in Add-Ons, Actions
A free action for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that adds a nice matte effect to your photos.
Free Summer Haze Photoshop Action
Posted on 5/01/14 in Add-Ons, Actions
This Photoshop action (for CS4+) is great for giving outdoor photos and portraits a fun, hazy feel.
Free Faux HDR Photoshop Action
Posted on 3/25/14 in Add-Ons, Actions
Get this free action to create awesome HDR effects in Photoshop.