How to Create a Vintage Photo Effect in Lightroom
Posted on 9/15/14 in Articles, Photography
Many photographers hate Instagram because it feels too "automatic". This tutorial will teach you how to manually create a vintage photo effect in Lightroom.
HDR Landscape Tutorial – Almadrava
Posted on 9/15/14 in Articles, Photography
In this tutorial I will show you on the location how I took the 3 exposures needed to create an HDR image, how I edited it in Photomatix and then Photoshop and Lightroom.
How to Change a Person's Skin Color from Dark to Light in Photoshop
Posted on 9/15/14 in Articles, Photography
This tutorial will teach you how to realistically change dark skin to light skin using layer masks and adjustment layers in Photoshop.
How to Add Radial Impact in Lightroom – Video Tutorial
Posted on 9/12/14 in Articles, Photography
Adobe Lightroom is such a powerful tool. So much that many photographers don’t even touch Photoshop these days and work solely in Lightroom. In today’s video tutorial we’ll show...
The Top 7 Website Builders for The Discerning Photographer
Posted on 9/08/14 in Articles, Photography
An online portfolio is infinitely more powerful than your photography studio, and can literally make your service expand manifolds within a very short time. Moreover, with website...
20 Amazing Photography Tips and Techniques
Posted on 9/01/14 in Articles, Photography
As a photographer, there are few things more satisfying than mastering a new photography technique. Learning new photography techniques can open up new possibilities, provide...
Natural HDR Landscape Editing
Posted on 8/28/14 in Articles, Photography
In this tutorial I will show you how I enhanced a landscape photo in Photoshop using HDR toning and adjustment layers. I will also show you how to create realistic sunlight using...
Creating a Realistic Composite Photo with Displacement Mapping
Posted on 8/28/14 in Articles, Photography
In this tutorial, I'll show you how I did the shadows and lighting enhancements to realistically place our team in the scene. We'll go over the displacement map feature and...
Vintage, Cross Processed Photo Effect in Photoshop
Posted on 8/25/14 in Articles, Photography
The cross processed look comes from a old photography technique where you develop film in the wrong type of chemicals, which creates color shifts and changes in contrast. This...
How to Use Light Leaks in Your Photography
Posted on 8/22/14 in Articles, Photography
Light leaks are a staple for retro photography. They can add a realistic feel to your vintage images. Learn how to use light leaks in Photoshop.
How to Capture Spectacular Landscape Photographs
Posted on 8/15/14 in Articles, Photography
No matter where you are – there are beautiful landscapes just waiting to be captured. You don’t have to travel abroad to create stunning images, you can start in your own local...
Basic Photography Composition Tips for New Photographers
Posted on 8/08/14 in Articles, Photography
Composition is one of the key elements to a good photo. In this post we cover some basic photography composition tips to help new photographers improve their craft.