Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop
Posted on 5/30/14 in Articles, Photography
The double exposure effect is achieved by exposing the film/sensor of a camera twice to the light, thus the name "double exposure". Like almost any of these effects, the double...
How to Shoot Portraits in Public (And Avoid a Crowd)
Posted on 5/22/14 in Articles, Photography
If you're out taking photos in public, there's often little you can do to avoid crowds of people. The scenery could be beautiful, the light perfect, but if there's someone making...
13 Amazing Nature Panorama Photos
Posted on 5/15/14 in Articles, Photography
For this list, we’ve chosen some amazing nature panorama shots, but soon we’ll treat you to some urban samples! Enjoy the view.
How to Take Food Photographs in Restaurants
Posted on 5/13/14 in Articles, Photography
We’ve all been there. Sitting in a dark, corner table of a fantastic restaurant, wishing that we had more light, so we didn’t have to use that terrible built-in flash. Perhaps the...
Common Ways Photographers Screw up Proper Lighting
Posted on 5/12/14 in Articles, Photography
Screwing up lighting in shots is one of the most basic, common and widespread mistakes that photographers can’t seem to stop themselves from doing. Though lighting is a...
Top 12 Image Editing Skills Every Photographer Should Know
Posted on 5/06/14 in Articles, Photography
Before you start editing, make sure that you have a good image work flow. This means saving originals in a separate place to prevent you from damaging or destroying the original...
10 Wacky Photography Hacks That Work
Posted on 5/05/14 in Articles, Photography
Most of us are always on the lookout for new, inventive ways to get amazing results with photography. While we all love new gear, sometimes you just can justify a $150 fisheye for...
Creating and Using Lightroom Presets
Posted on 4/30/14 in Articles, Photography
This tutorial explains how Lightroom presets work, how you can use them, and how you can create your own presets. It also covers the process of installing presets that you've...
10 Informal Photography Rules You Can Break
Posted on 4/29/14 in Articles, Photography
Rules tend to get a lot of flak, but deep down inside, most of us know that rules are designed to make life better. With photography, it’s no exception. The rules of photography...
A 10-Month Timelapse Photography Adventure Through Yosemite
Posted on 4/28/14 in Articles, Photography
Every year, Yosemite National Park sees more than 3.7 million visitors hike through the implacable seven-square-mile Yosemite Valley. Since it’s blessed with brilliant granite...
20 Creative Advertising Illustrations & Photo Manipulations
Posted on 4/28/14 in Articles, Photography
It is hard to stay constantly inspired, so we have decided to make a list of some of the coolest advertising illustrations and photo manipulations we have seen lately, and talk a...
How To Add Realistic Bokeh In Photoshop
Posted on 4/25/14 in Articles, Photography
We are going to be using the depth map feature, which is going to allow us to add a gradient of defocus areas. Essentially allowing for varying levels of defocus to various parts...