The 9 Best Sites for Free Stock Photos
Posted on 10/06/14 in Articles, Photography
This list will show you the 9 best sites where you can download legitimate, high quality stock photos for free.
Create an Isometric Pixel Art House in Adobe Photoshop
Posted on 9/29/14 in Articles, Design
Much like with Lego sets, buildings are almost the whole point of isometric pixel art. Creating them might take some time, but should be enjoyable!
Layering Down Contrast In Photoshop – Video Tutorial
Posted on 9/29/14 in Articles, Photography
Contrast is a very important part of photography and our images can often benefit from more consistent and adequate contrast. Today we have a video tutorial that will show you...
Inspiring Black & White Fashion Photography
Posted on 9/24/14 in Articles, Photography
As of late I’ve been incredibly inspired by black and white fashion photography. Fashion photography in and of itself is gorgeous, but the black and white aspect makes it so much...
Studio Lights Dos and Don’ts
Posted on 9/23/14 in Articles, Photography
For many pro photographers, studio lights are an essential part of kit. As a portrait photographer, I can honestly say I’d never be without them. They allow you to control the...
Vector vs 3D Image vs Photo: Can You Tell the Difference?
Posted on 9/23/14 in Articles, Design
Today we present you works of vector designers, photographers as well as professionals in the 3D. Try to determine where you see a vector, a 3D image or a photo.
Create a Sleek Countdown Timer Photoshop Tutorial
Posted on 9/23/14 in Articles, Design
We’re going to create this slick little flip clock countdown timer using Shape layers, Layer Styles, and Text in Photoshop CS5. This is a great graphic for any number of different...
Realistically Blend Typography with a Background in Photoshop
Posted on 9/22/14 in Articles, Design
Crafting professional looking work often requires the ability to seamlessly combine multiple sources into a single design. This tutorial will teach you how to realistically blend...
How to Create a Varsity Lettering Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Posted on 9/22/14 in Articles, Design
Learn how to create a graphic style that you can apply to live type or any vector object. The result is reminiscent of the patches on school sports jackets, and can be achieved...
Create Custom Shadows Photoshop Tutorial
Posted on 9/22/14 in Articles, Design
In this tutorial we’re going to start at the most basic of basics and break out the good ole’ Drop Shadow which we all know and love so much and then use a couple custom shapes to...
7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Freelance Income This Year
Posted on 9/16/14 in Articles, Design
Freelance designers are always looking for new ways to make more money. There's only so many hours in the day, so picking up new projects isn't always an option. In this article...
"Breaking Bad" Style Poster Photoshop Tutorial
Posted on 9/16/14 in Articles, Design
This show has a pretty cool poster and we’re going to take a look at re-creating this poster in Photoshop using adjustment layers and other assorted awesome stuff.