6 Vintage Logo Templates
Posted on 6/03/14 in Graphics, Objects
This pack includes 6 vintage style logo templates carefully crafted by Nicky Laatz. You can use them as part of your branding, labels and packaging, awesome t-shirt designs, and...
6 Vintage Hand Drawn Badges
Posted on 5/21/14 in Graphics, Objects
Check out this mix of 6 hand drawn vintage badges created by Vlad Cristea. Use this collection to create beautiful typographic pieces for your print and web or use them as labels...
Freebie: 32 Hipster Badges (AI, EPS, PNG)
Posted on 5/19/14 in Graphics, Objects
A set of 32 Hipster badges designed by Vecteezy. The überfashionable badges come in different file formats, including PNG and vector with editable fonts.
3D Wooden Lettering Pack
Posted on 4/28/14 in Graphics, Objects
These thick wooden block lettering renders are the perfect balance of a sharp and heavy font with a soft and natural 3D style.
Money Stacks & Falling Money Pack
Posted on 4/25/14 in Graphics, Objects
As a designer who pumps out club flyers and mixtape covers for artists in hip hop genres, I've long known the value of isolated money renders, but they're also a useful resource...
Mixed Bag 4 Gold Edition
Posted on 4/17/14 in Graphics, Objects
Birds, skulls, foliage, fish and audio tapes. Yup, it's another Mixed Bag. These stylised glossy renderings are a signature of Industrykidz work, often used in his GraphicRiver...
The Foliage Pack
Posted on 4/14/14 in Graphics, Objects
The Foliage Pack by DesignerCandies puts nature at your fingertips. Quickly and easily add a touch of natural greenery to your designs with these exceptional foliage renders.
The Boombox Pack
Posted on 4/13/14 in Graphics, Objects
Need to slap some hip hop nostalgia into your design work? These old school retro 3D Boombox renders should do the trick.
Diamond Renders Pack
Posted on 4/11/14 in Graphics, Objects
How many other websites do you know that give diamonds away for free? Ok, these may not be real diamonds but they're definitely worth their weight in pixels!
Drug Renders Pack: Capsules, Tablets & Pills
Posted on 4/10/14 in Graphics, Objects
Suffering from designer's block? Bad design giving you headaches? Too tired to meet client deadlines? We've got a pill for that!
3D Neon Lettering Pack
Posted on 4/08/14 in Graphics, Objects
"Damn sister, that text is poppin!" said the client to the designer after she'd used the DesignerCandies 3D Neon Lettering Pack...
Auto Parts 3D Render Pack
Posted on 4/08/14 in Graphics, Objects
Chrome rims, chrome mufflers, chrome car lights - welcome to another episode of Pimp My Design!