25 Film Dust Textures
Posted on 3/13/17 in Graphics, Textures
These film dust textures are the perfect way to give your work that retro aesthetic, and can be used as backgrounds or overlays.
6 Grunge Rust Textures
Posted on 1/10/17 in Graphics, Textures
These high resolution rust textures are perfect for adding some grunge to your designs, and can be used as backgrounds or overlays.
10 Old Wall Textures
Posted on 12/23/16 in Graphics, Textures
These grungy old wall textures are a great way to add depth or a vintage look to your designs.
10 Subtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes
Posted on 12/09/16 in Add-Ons, Brushes
This pack has 10 textured brushes at a 2000×2000 resolution that add detailed grainy textures to your work. They’re really handy tools to have saved directly in Photoshop for...
30 Magic Bitmap Textures for Illustrator
Posted on 12/09/16 in Graphics, Textures
These 30 bitmap textures are magic! They are raster graphics in BMP format, but open them in Illustrator and you can change their color just like a vector. Use them to add texture...
4 Free Dark Grunge Textures
Posted on 11/18/16 in Graphics, Textures
This set includes 4 free dark grunge textures, each one measuring 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, which are perfect for adding some depth to your work.
10 Free Concrete Textures Pack
Posted on 11/12/16 in Graphics, Textures
These 10 concrete textures are 4,000 x 2,500 pixel JPGs, are are the perfect backgrounds to add some grunge or subtle texture to your designs.
Create Your Own Grunge Brushes in Adobe Photoshop
Posted on 10/13/14 in Articles, Design
Join me in creating a custom set of brushes, ready for painting with, using three sources of texture: scanned paper and objects, a stock photo, and manipulated doodles within...
General Purpose Grime Textures
Posted on 9/12/14 in Graphics, Textures
Quickly and easily add subtle dirt effects to your work with these free high-res grime textures.
Bushcraft Font Family
Posted on 9/08/14 in Fonts, Display
Bushcraft is a font family of 6 beautiful hand-drawn faces in OTF format. Inspired by vintage hand lettering sans able to improve your next project: print graphics, logos, badges...