Gold Foil Textures
Posted on 1/16/17 in Graphics, Textures
These 4 gold foil textures are perfect as backgrounds, pattern overlays, or applied to text using Photoshop Layer Styles to give your designs a chic, modern look.
6 Grunge Rust Textures
Posted on 1/10/17 in Graphics, Textures
These high resolution rust textures are perfect for adding some grunge to your designs, and can be used as backgrounds or overlays.
10 Old Wall Textures
Posted on 12/23/16 in Graphics, Textures
These grungy old wall textures are a great way to add depth or a vintage look to your designs.
Brick Wall Textures Volume 2
Posted on 12/13/16 in Graphics, Textures
Today’s freebie is the second volume of 7 brick wall textures, perfect to use for adding an urban look to your designs.
30 Magic Bitmap Textures for Illustrator
Posted on 12/09/16 in Graphics, Textures
These 30 bitmap textures are magic! They are raster graphics in BMP format, but open them in Illustrator and you can change their color just like a vector. Use them to add texture...
10 Free Vector Halftone Textures
Posted on 12/07/16 in Graphics, Textures
Halftone textures are fantastic resources for creating retro print effects by overlaying the dot patterns over your solid color artwork. This series of vector textures features...
Limited Time: The Practical Pack of 436 Impeccable Textures
Posted on 12/05/16 in Premium
This bundle includes a total of 436 shockingly beautiful textures that are as useful as they are attractive, featuring textures of every style like wood, rust, subtle, paper, and...
10 Withered Wood Textures
Posted on 12/05/16 in Graphics, Textures
10 free withered wood textures you can use as backgrounds for websites and other graphic designs. Old and rustic, these textures make a great resource when you need to add some...
4 Free Dark Grunge Textures
Posted on 11/18/16 in Graphics, Textures
This set includes 4 free dark grunge textures, each one measuring 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, which are perfect for adding some depth to your work.
10 Free Concrete Textures Pack
Posted on 11/12/16 in Graphics, Textures
These 10 concrete textures are 4,000 x 2,500 pixel JPGs, are are the perfect backgrounds to add some grunge or subtle texture to your designs.
General Purpose Grime Textures
Posted on 9/12/14 in Graphics, Textures
Quickly and easily add subtle dirt effects to your work with these free high-res grime textures.
Dust & Noise Overlay Textures
Posted on 9/04/14 in Graphics, Textures
These dust and noise textures are great to add a retro or worn out look to your photos and artwork. The pack contains six high resolution PNG files that could be used as...